About Ralph

That big ugly tangle in the middle? That's an AVM

That big ugly tangle in the middle? That’s an AVM

Ralph is the name my boyfriend and I gave to the time bomb that’s sitting inside my head. Ralph is an AVM, or arteriovenous malformation – an abnormal tangle of blood vessels that should not exist. AVMs are congenital, meaning I was born with it, and can be anywhere in the body – but when they’re in the brain, they can cause all sorts of

things like headaches, seizures, funny feelings, muscle weakness/numbness and worst of all, they can rupture and cause a stroke. To learn more about Ralph (and see pictures!), click here.

To learn more about AVMs in general, check out these websites:



Finally, if you or somebody you know has been affected by an AVM, aneurysm,  cavernous malformation or anything similar – I highly recommend joining this website for support. It’s helped me through so much to know that I’m not alone.


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