Things to do whilst recovering

If you’ve been told to take time out and chill out and are like me, in that you need constant activity… here’s a little list of activities to consider ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Create a blog! For fellow med students, it’s great as a self reflection tool (and I hear FPAS has some aspect of reflective writing too!). It’s also great just to keep a record of things and see how far you’ve come. I was inspired to start up this blog by this incredibly strong fellow student who had a terrible diagnosis thrust upon her at such a young age. Check out her story here!
2. Housekeeping. And I don’t mean your physical house! Clean up your computer desktop, your files, your email inbox – now is the time to finally unsubscribe from all of those annoying emails clogging up your inbox!
3. Actual housekeeping – Do you really need those notes from first year? Or that dress that is falling apart at the seams? Be brutal and clear out old stuff from your room or house that is now just an elaborate dust collector.
4. Catch up with old friends/family – in my case, there was nothing like a near death experience to make you realise how short life is and how valuable the people in your life are.
5. Try a new hobby, or develop an old one… or both! Once upon a time I had a long list of “things to do when I have the time”… now suddenly I had the time, but none of the motivation. I became very apathetic towards everything, spending most of my time just sleeping. My boyfriend decided to take me to Hobbycraft to find something new for me to try, and ended up buying knitting needles for both of us!


Those that knit together stay together?

I also baked… a LOT:

6. Try a new look – A few weeks after being discharged in March I dip dyed my hair. But it wasn’t as great as I expected it to be, so I chopped all my hair off and went from boob length hair to a short graduated bob! I figured, if things worsened and I needed to have open brain surgery, I might as well make their job easier by getting started with cutting my hair off!
7. Travel/explore – Now is the perfect time, health permitting. I didn’t have any energy (or money) to go travelling properly but I discovered some cool new areas around me by going for short walks ๐Ÿ™‚
8. Catch up on TV/films/books/games – Netflix, Kindle, Steam and my PS3. Need I say more?
9. Keep a symptom diary – This was helpful for me to see when I had bad headache days, or cloudy days, and see if there was a pattern. Which in turn helped when my neurovascular nurse called every so often to see how I was doing.
10. Get cultured – my cousin (the same one of the cupcake fame) came to visit and in one week I think we went to see 2 musicals, 2 museums and lots of tea and cake places!

I’m gonna stop at 10, but i’m starting to be more appreciative of this time I have to do everything I said I would once upon a time! I guess it’s a blessing in disguise ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Things to do whilst recovering

  1. I’m so happy that you’re looking at this experience in such a positive way and are enjoying a simpler life that is still fulfilling. Looking forward to seeing you soon x

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